We in the management of Mizan Company are constantly working on developing the training system, and there is a specialized team at the highest level of expertise and professionalism whose mission is limited to studying the training process with all its components to extract their recommendations regarding the development of that training process, in a way that makes the training services we provide in balance commensurate with scientific and professional progress In the Arab and international labor market, with the aim of being the balance of the approved training center for many major companies and institutions in rehabilitating their employees and workers.

The Mission

Almizan organisation will empower Libyan civil society and its institutions through the delivery of high-quality development programs to achieve distinguished institutional performance

The Vision

Almizan organisation aims to be the leading developmental organization in Libyan building an active civil society and achieving distinguished institutional performance

The Goals

1- Supporting civil society institutions play their role in the development process, building their capacities in the areas of: awareness campaigns, monitoring, and advocacy.

2- Strengthening civil harmony to ensure democratic development, respect for human rights, justice and equality for the whole society.

3- Enhancing the governance standards of governmental and non-governmental institutions by developing leaders and decision-makers through a range of world class contemporary programs.

4- Developing the capacity and performance of educational institutions by supporting them make the best use of their faculty talent to achieve quality learning outcomes for their students and wider constituents.

5- Empowering women, socially and economically, by activating their role in public life and encouraging them to exercise their civil rights.

6- Offering help to unemployed people to enable them to start or grow their own businesses.

7- Improving the performance of the Media, especially those elements of the Media serving and supporting the development of civil society to achieve their goals.